There are certain times in life when you need to store larger household items for a short, long, or indefinite amount of time. These are often periods of transition, when important items need to be kept somewhere that you know is safe and secure. Here are four transitional scenarios for which Mesa Moving and Storage offers helpful long-term storage.

1. Your Child Is Going to College

parent and child carrying boxes to a college dorm

Once your high school graduate goes off to college, you may be ready to downsize. Your child wants to keep many of his cherished bedroom pieces — his queen-size bed, giant dresser, and favorite comfy chair. But he is moving into half of a 16′ x 16′ dorm room. He will be sorely disappointed if you give away his stuff, and he may need these things again in a couple of years. So, what is a parent to do?

Turn to Mesa Moving and Storage for easy, helpful long-term storage. Our storage warehouse is the perfect place to hold your college co-ed’s possessions until he can take them back.

2. You Have a Short-Term Job Assignment 

Your company is opening a new satellite office. So you’re moving to help ensure the first quarter runs smoothly. But three months is too long to keep paying for your apartment back home. You need somewhere to store your furniture while you are away.

You can count on Mesa Moving and Storage’s helpful long-term storage services for the answer to your quandary. Our world-class customer service and operational excellence help you feel good about leaving your possessions with us. 

3. You Need to Store Inherited Furniture

Your parents have moved into assisted living and gifted you your grandma’s dining room table, hutch, and grandfather clock. You love these nostalgic pieces and one day hope to have them in your home. But there is currently no extra space in your apartment. How can you keep these beloved, inherited pieces until you purchase a home of your own?

The answer is Mesa Moving and Storage. We will protect your possessions in our safe, climate-controlled warehouse until you need them. 

4. You’re Downsizing

As a downsizing couple, there are only so many things you can take to your new, smaller home. You want to keep several antiques that have been handed down in your family, but there is no room for your antique lamps or a 19th-century dining room table in your new digs.

Look no further than the long-term storage service at Mesa Moving and Storage. We run our state-of-the-art storage warehouse with the core values of pride, respect, and trust, and we will treat your valuable items as if they were our own.

Whether you are in between life stages, residences, or workplaces, Mesa Moving and Storage has the storage solution for you. With our competitive pricing and clean and secure warehouse facility, you will feel confident that you’re keeping your household goods with a leader in the storage and moving industry. Contact us today to find out more about storing your possessions with Mesa Moving and Storage.

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