Are you considering hiring professional movers for the first time ever, or even for the first time in several years? There may be parts of this process that are unfamiliar or new to you, including several areas of basic preparation plus simple dos and don’ts during the various stages of moving.

At Mesa Moving and Storage, we’re proud to offer a wide range of commercial and residential moving services, featuring both short- and long-distance movers who make your move simple and hassle-free. We’re often asked by upcoming clients about the kinds of preparation and day-of elements they should be both prioritizing and avoiding – and we have a robust list of answers here if you’re wondering about any of these areas. Here are several big dos and don’ts for both hiring movers and working with them on the big moving day.

dos don’ts professional moversDON’T Leave Surprises

When you call our team to receive a moving estimate and lock in a moving day with us, there will be several important details that are covered. We’ll ask about your standard items and roughly how many rooms we’ll be moving, but will also ask about additional bulk items – fridges, instruments, hot tubs or several other types that might qualify here.

It’s vital that, during this consultation, you consider all your potential specialty items in great detail. If you don’t inform us in advance of a particular bulky item, for instance, we might not have the manpower or equipment to move it once we show up on moving day. These kinds of surprises are the quickest way to lengthen a professional move, as they may require us to call for manpower assistance or return to our facilities to obtain different equipment. For this reason, before calling us for an estimate, we recommend making a full checklist of all your major, bulkier items so you can share them with us.

DO Prepare for Arrival

You know the date of your movers’ arrival well in advance, and it pays to take just a few minutes to prepare for this in some simple ways. This really amounts to considering the geometry of your property and the paths movers will be taking to and within your home, then thinking about any obstructions or issue areas and doing your best to remedy them.

For instance, if you live in a gated community, you should send word to the gate attendant in advance that movers from your moving company will be arriving, plus a general time frame this will happen in. If your property has limited parking for only one vehicle, you should move yours to allow movers to park as close to the building as possible. There are even some situations, such as those who live in apartments, where you may have to arrange a parking or elevator permit from a building manager for your movers – and all this should be done well ahead of time.

DON’T Pack Heavy Items in Large Boxes

If you have particular heavy items, such as books, paperweights or other smaller items that still carry some heft, it’s important not to store these in large boxes – these will simply become too heavy if they’re overstocked with such items. Rather, heavier small items should go in small boxes that can be carried by one person, while lighter but larger items like blankets, pictures and numerous others can go in boxes.

DO Finish Packing Before Moving Day

We offer a variety of services from our movers, including packing if needed – but many of our clients choose to do some or all of their own packing, and this is totally fine as well. If you take this latter route, however, it’s vital that you complete all the major tasks before moving day itself.

If you’re still organizing and packing items when our movers arrive, it’s almost certain to slow down the process. Movers will sometimes need your assistance or decisions on a given question or theme, but if you’re busy doing all sorts of other things, you won’t have the time for this. In addition, if movers have to run all over the house to find boxes and other items to move, rather than just having most of them in a central location where they can pick up and move, the process will move very slow.

DON’T Make Too Many Other Plans

Speaking of the potential need for homeowners or renters to be involved in the moving process, or at least to be around to answer questions movers have about your belongings, you should not make too many other plans on the day of your move – in fact, most people simply devote the entire day. If you absolutely cannot be present due to some kind of emergency, our first recommendation would be to reschedule the move if possible; if this is not realistic, you must have an adult representative who know and trust can be present for the entire moving day, both to advise movers and to sign relevant paperwork.

DO Let Our Movers Do Their Jobs

Finally, unless our movers specifically ask you to do something, it’s generally best to stay out of their way and let them get to work. Of course, major exceptions here involve assisting movers with the proper location for moving an item, which homeowners often need to be involved in. But when it comes to actually moving items, or organizing them in the moving truck, leave this to the pros unless you’re specifically told otherwise.

For more dos and don’ts on preparing for professional moving day, or to learn about any of our moving services, speak to the staff at Mesa Moving and Storage today.