Customers want to know if they have coverage during the move. Recently we were asked, “Am I protected against loss or damage if something gets broken while it is moving in your truck?” That is a good question and Mesa Moving and Storage is here to provide an honest answer.

Yes, coverage is available, but the amount of protection you have and the cost of that protection depends on the option you choose at the time of the estimate. Mesa Moving and all United Van Lines’ agents provide residential customers with two coverage options – Released Value Liability or Full-Value Protection. Watch as Mesa Moving explains both.

Released Value Liability

Under this option, if an item is lost or damaged while in transit, the maximum liability that the mover is responsible for is $0.60 multiplied by the weight of the article.

  1. This is the very basic liability level and is provided at no charge by all reputable movers.
  2. Example: If a 10 lb. chair is damaged beyond repair – the movers is liable for a maximum limit of $6.00

Full-Value Protection

Under this option, if an item is lost or damaged while in transit, the item may either be:

  1. Repaired to same condition as received or customer is paid for such a repair
  2. Replaced with a like item or customer is paid for such a replacement

There is an additional cost for Full-Value Protection and it is included upfront on every estimate.

  1. Customer must declare a dollar-value of the total shipment.
  2. Total declared value must be equal-to or greater-than the actual weight of the shipment
    • The minimum value is determined by multiplying shipment weight by $6.00 per pound
    • Example: A 12,500 lb. shipment has a minimum declared valuation of $75,000.00

Coverage of your household goods is available. The level of coverage is your choice. If you have further questions about coverage for your move, please contact Mesa Moving and Storage. We are Here to Help answer all your relocation questions.

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