If you are contemplating DIY vs. hiring a professional mover, there are a few things to consider before you make the decision to do it yourself.

Who is going to do the work? Remember “work” involves more than lifting and carrying. Boxes, packing material, and blankets will need to be collected. All items will need to be packed and wrapped. Physical labor is needed to not only move boxes but over-sized furniture, bulky beds, heavy appliances, and expensive electronics. Someone will need to stack items carefully in the truck to reduce shifting and eliminate damage. Imagine yourself, a friend, or family member driving a rental truck.

What needs to be considered? Here are just a few variables that are important to think about if moving yourself:

  • Risk: back injury, a fall, smashed fingers, laceration, chipped tooth. Any of these things could lead to time off work, an unfinished move, and uncomfortable feelings between friends. If something gets broken or damaged, who is responsible.
  • Dates: ask for time off at work; plan ahead if renting a truck; is there enough time to pack and get ready; are your helpers available.
  • Rental truck: read the fine print in the agreement; some charge by the mile; additional charges may apply if crossing state-lines or returning the truck to a different location; who can drive the truck safely; what happens if there is a breakdown.
  • Distance: will you have helpers at your new home; will you need to stay overnight on the road; how will you get your cars moved; how long will it take; be aware of weather, busy roads, or rough terrain.
  • Condition of current home: go through each corner of your home and sort every item into 1 of 3 categories –  1) keep/move, 2) donate/give-away, and 3) discard/recycle. Don’t waste time moving things you do not need or want.

When will you have the time to get everything ready? A busy life does not slow down just to prepare for an upcoming more. If you decide to move yourself, every detail is squarely on your shoulders. The stress can be overwhelming.

Where can you turn to for help? Call Mesa Moving and Storage and let one of our knowledgeable, friendly relocation consultants give you an honest estimate for what help you need. Contact local truck rental companies for information. Get recommendations from friends and colleagues about their moving experiences – both DIY and professional movers.

How can you make it easier? Please contact Mesa Moving and Storage. We are a professional residential mover that will provide as much or as little help as you want. We have branch locations and local movers in Denver, Salt Lake City, Boise, and Grand Junction, but we can move you across town or coast to coast. Mesa is here to help do the work so you can enjoy the experience! Perhaps we are the best choice for your move!

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