Online shopping and free delivery can contribute to people owning more ‘stuff’ than they can use at one time. But most people will argue that these items have real value. The things we own gain even more value as they represent special memories or become part of everyday life. Are you thinking about how you can declutter and better organize your home? Then you should consider an off-site storage service provider. You can safely store your items so you don’t get rid of items you may need in the future.

Benefits of Downsizing Your Home


Downsizing benefits businesses when they get too fat and lose efficiency. It helps improve efficiency and remove obstacles that reduce productivity. The same idea is useful within the home. You can use smart storage solutions to downsize your home. One option is off-site storage for the bulk of your items. You can also use in-home storage solutions, such as under-bed bins and closet organizers. 

The greatest benefit of downsizing is the fresh start you can achieve. You can eliminate clutter, rearrange furniture for better flow, and store rarely used items.

Believe it or not, downsizing can lead to better health by reducing stress and improving your sleep quality. It also makes it easier to keep your home clean and tidy. This includes keeping it free of certain allergens.

Tip: Are you moving into a smaller space? Then use a secure storage facility to house items that occupy rooms you won’t have in your new home. This gives you time to decide what to do with them. You might want to sell extra household items or donate them to charity. You can also give them to friends and family or keep them as family heirlooms.

Challenges to Decluttering


So, you’ve decided to start downsizing your home. But what do you do with all the things that you may not use as often? Keep their value in mind. You spent your hard-earned money to purchase them. Some items hold treasured memories or are inherited. Other things were such a bargain that it doesn’t make sense to throw them away.

What’s the main challenge of decluttering? It’s knowing what to do with seasonal items or things you don’t use as often. You may feel stress over what to do with personal possessions. But that feeling precedes the peace of mind you will gain from a decluttered home. Giving away or selling household items and clothing is a permanent decision. Also, it’s one that many people will later regret. 

The best solution for saving valued possessions is to partner with a full-service storage provider. We can help store:

  • Household decorations
  • Furniture
  • Clothing
  • Handbags
  • Shoes
  • Lawn furniture
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Power tools
  • Hobby supplies
  • And much more

Tip: Secured storage facilities allow you to downsize gradually. You can declutter your way from basement to attic to garage by moving items to a storage facility.

Smart Storage Solutions for Downsizing Your Home

Mesa Moving and Storage facilities are conveniently located. We offer residential customers a fully secured, state-of-the-art warehouse facility. Our warehouses are clean and temperature-controlled. Choose from containerized storage solutions or tiered racked storage. No matter what you decide, Mesa will protect your household items until you want them.

There are other benefits to using a Mesa Moving and Storage facility. You can use the secure site for temporary or long-term storage of household goods. Also, we specialize in smart moving and storage solutions. We staff our warehouses with professional teams. Every staff member receives training in handling residential furniture for storage. Each member also knows how to properly prepare those same household items for delivery out of storage.

Tip: Avoid DIY storage units for your treasured possessions. Security at these sites may be extremely low. Also, they may often have citations for pest infestation and property damage.

Are you looking for temporary storage before a move to a new location? Or do you need long-term storage solutions? Then contact Mesa Moving and Storage for a smart solution that is safe and secure.

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