Mesa_Moving_BoiseAre you moving to Boise? A lot of people are! According to the United States Census Bureau, Idaho is the Nation’s fasted-growing state, with its population increasing 2.2% to 1.7 million people from July 2016 to July 2017. Life is Boise is like no where else. Brian Cantwell of the Seattle Times wrote, “Boise is a rare blend. The city of trees is a mix of urban and outdoors; active and relaxing; family-friendly and dynamic.”

There are many enticing reasons to move to Boise. It a beautiful place, tucked in at the base of the foothills and outlined by the wooded landscape. The sun shines nearly 245 days a year and Boise residence enjoy all four seasons. It’s a beautiful place to retire, and it’s a fantastic place to build your career. Boise is the home of numerous Fortune 500 company headquarters with expansive campus facilities. No matter why you are relocating to Idaho, it is advised to have your move managed by a reputable mover in your destination city. If any of your needs change during the move, or arise after you arrive in Boise, it is a tremendous advantage to have your mover close by. Mesa Moving and Storage is the top mover in Boise. When you are ready to plan your move to Boise from anywhere else in the world, send an email to our Professional Relocation Consultant Marty Pollex in our Boise office. We are here to help move you home!

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