Alisha Krambeer, Mesa International Moving Customer Service Manager, recently attended the FIDI ‘Essentials in International Moving’ seminar. According to Alisha and the other participants’ feedback, the seminar achieved its prime objectives:

  • Provide better knowledge and deeper understanding of all aspects of international removals
  • Develop management qualities
  • Have the opportunity to meet their peers from other agents

Mesa_Alisha_Krambeer_InternationalDuring the seminar, several tests and examinations were set to evaluate the knowledge and progress of the students. In addition, an assessment was made by the tutors of Alisha’s leadership and management qualities, her alertness, curiosity, good sense, and participation during the course. Only those students who scored higher than the pass-mark received the FIDI EiM Diploma and was granted 1000 FIDI Career Points.

Mesa is delighted to share that not only did Alisha have an outstanding performance and was awarded the FIDI EiM Diploma, but she was named the FIDI prizewinning top student. In honor of this achievement, Alisha will be the guest of the FIDI Academy at the next FIDI Congress in Amsterdam.

Alisha, congratulations on your excellent top performance! We look forward to seeing what the future will bring to you and  Mesa International Moving.


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