College Student Life Hacks For Moving Out

Moving is already a stressful experience by itself. But add in a couple roommates, finals, and lack of know how and it can be the worst. Luckily there is a lot you can do to combat the stress that comes with moving out.

Focus on one area at a time.

Look around your apartment. What are some areas that could be problems? Do you have some heavy things to lift or take down? Are you moving by yourself, asking friends to help out or hiring professionals? Do you have a lot of furniture that needs to go to storage?

Now to the box part.

Once you have an idea of what places you need to focus on and have a plan for the move out, you can start the packing. Organize like things into boxes. Don’t just shove things into a box but evaluate what is in said box. Go through each item and set up a system that works for you. One tip that organizing professionals use is to separate item by what needs to go into storage, what is going to the new place, what needs to be donated or sold, and what is trash. It’s an efficient system and forces you to be selective.

Clean whilst you go.Mesa_Moving_Life-Hacks

If you pack up a drawer, clean the bottom whilst you are taking everything out of the drawer; it will help keep the dirt and dust to a minimum. Swiffer or vacuum the floors and dust everything as you pack up boxes. Bonus: you won’t have a huge amount of cleaning to do when you are all packed up and ready to move out.

Get in the zone.

Music and podcasts really help get you in the zone when you are packing. Moving around and listening to your favorite songs is a great way to loosen up. Remember, moving is exciting and can be fun!

Keep the essentials with you.

Make sure to pack an overnight bag with all the stuff you can’t live without. Your toiletries, chargers, tech, and some clothes are a good start. Just bring anything you want to have with you for the first couple nights when you move into a new space.

Know where your small appliances are.

If you have roommates make sure everyone communicate who’s stuff is whose. If you are selling or donating any furniture or appliances make sure to check local websites to see how much similar items are going for. Getting money for little work? Yes, please.

Remember to label everything.

Use different colored stickers or tape to show at a glance what a box has in it. For example, books and school projects being moved over the summer to a short-term storage unit might have a green tape marker along with the word ‘storage’ written on the box. Come up with colors and rooms to make your own system.

If in doubt, ask.

Make sure to ask your dorm or apartment if you are responsible for filling in nail holes or painting the walls back to the OG paint. Be proactive and talk to the landlord/lady about any other expectations that you and your roommates should be aware of. Don’t want to get fined by avoidable things that make move out more stressful than it needs to be. Plus making a bad last impression on management isn’t a good idea. Landlords talk about old renters. Don’t become a horror story when you move out!

Hopefully these tips from Mesa Moving will help make your move out easier this year. Remember to breathe. You got this! You just survived another year of college, you can do anything!

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