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Salt Lake City began as a site for members of the LDS Church to escape persecution. Its history also includes being a mining town and a stop on the first transcontinental railroad. Today, it offers arts, entertainment, and dining. Salt Lake City has had much to offer both residents and visitors. Are you moving to Salt Lake City soon? You’re in luck! The historic districts in Salt Lake City have lots of history and culture. There’s so much to see and do that it can be a challenge to narrow down your options. 

Mesa Moving and Storage can help make your Salt Lake City move fast and easy so you have more time to explore your new city. Here are our recommendations for the top five must-visit historic downtown areas in Salt Lake City.

1. Downtown

The original city was created on a grid system, which makes traveling through Downtown easier. Everything is centered around the original Temple, and the historic Temple Square is a perfect base for exploring the funky stores or finding a hip new restaurant. Downtown also houses the arena for the NBA’s Utah Jazz, the Eccles Theater, and the beautifully designed City Library.

2. Central City

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As the name implies, Central City is the heart of Salt Lake City. Situated between the Downtown district and the University of Utah, Central City has plenty of shopping. Also, it hosts outdoor events promoting the arts and the city’s blossoming music scene. Trolley Square offers a look at the city’s original transportation via an interactive museum and also has lots of shopping.

3. The Avenues

If you’re looking for a blend of older Victorian homes and apartments close to downtown, The Avenues in northern Salt Lake City is a great place to check out. Once primarily residential, The Avenues now has cool restaurants and shops in older, eclectic spaces throughout the neighborhood. As you get closer to the gorgeous Wasatch Mountains in the north, the area rises in elevation, leading to some excellent views of the entire valley.

4. Sugar House

Set in the southeastern section of the city, Sugar House is an older area focusing on redevelopment. Both historic and charming, Sugar House has plenty of residential living. You can also find lots of small shops and trendy eateries. The UTA S-Line Streetcar comes through the district, making it accessible from most parts of the city. But it’s also known as one of the city’s most walkable areas. Look for the gorgeous sycamore trees that line the streets.

5. University District

Home to the University of Utah, the aptly-named University District has a college town feel despite being set inside a large city. The homes are close together, but everything is easily walkable. Even the larger streets are divided by grassy medians, helping give the area a natural feel. 

Are You Moving to One of These Historic Districts in Salt Lake City?

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No matter which historic districts in Salt Lake City you’re looking into, you can count on Mesa Moving and Storage to help with your moving needs. Mesa Moving and Storage is a full-service moving company based in the western United States. We can facilitate your move from anywhere in the world to beautiful Salt Lake City and other major cities in the region. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

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