Mesa Moving & Storage is a full-service residential service provider who understands that sometimes the customer wants to do some of the work themselves. For those DIY Moving folks, here is a list of 15 bright ideas that may help in preparing for your household move.

DIY Moving Tips

  1. Recycle Boxes: If you plan to do a lot of packing yourself, recycle someone else’s boxes. Ask for them at to your local grocery or liquor store and remember to post an inquiry on Facebook or other neighborhood sites that you are looking for boxes! If you book your move with Mesa Moving & Storage, ask if we have any used boxes available.
  2. Fill Pots and Pans: Get creative and fill your large pots and pans with spices and smaller items. Secure the lids for moving. If there is a spill it will be an easy contained clean up.
  3. Bundle Clothes On Hangers: One way to avoid the hassle of packing your hanging clothes from your closet is to tie 10 to 15 hangers together and slip a garbage bag over them, securing the bag at the open end.
  4. Pack Each Suitcase: For heavy books, scrapbooks, and magazines pack them in rolling suitcases. Keep light weight items such as crafts or shoes in non-rolling suitcases.
  5. Get a Handle on It: To make lifting and carrying your boxes easier, cut a simple triangle on opposite sides. This works best if the box isn’t too heavy or completely packed.
  6. Comfy Cosmetics: To keep your pressed powder cosmetics like-new when moving, put a cotton-ball or pad in the case; keeping it compressed so it doesn’t crack and break.
  7. Keep Track of Fasteners: If you disassemble any furniture, tape together the assortment of screws or hardware, and label the tape with a permanent marker so you’ll know which set goes where. Either tape it to the inside of the furniture piece, or put them all in a zip bag.
  8. Create a Color Code: No need to write on each box, just use colored duct tape and create a color code for each room – bedroom- blue, living room – green, kitchen – brown, open-first – red, etc. It’s easy to unpack and find what you need. Mesa Moving & Storage can also provide colored tape with room-names printed on it, making it really simple when unpacking.
  9. Don’t Air Your Dirty Laundry: Instead, pack your washer and dryer with laundry, towels, or blankets. It serves two purposes – stabilizes the appliances for transport and eliminates the need to pack more boxes.
  10. Pack Stemware in Wine Box: Stop by your local liquor store and get a few wine bottle boxes with the separators inserts to pack your glasses in. It’s a smart way to protect your glassware while moving.
  11. Plastic Wrap isn’t Just for Food: Cover bottled liquids like shampoo and mouthwash with plastic wrap to prevent leaking.
  12. Stop Grocery Shopping: To minimize moving food or throwing it away, do your last grocery shopping trip two weeks before your move. Plan menus to use all perishables before the move. If you have non-perishable that you no longer want, as an active participant in Move For Hunger, Mesa Moving & Storage will deliver it to a local food pantry for you
  13. Unplug: If you are moving a refrigerator or freezer make sure to de-ice, defrost, and wipe it dry at least 24 hours before your move.
  14. X-Marks the Spot: To protect framed glass or mirrors, put an “x” of masking tape across the face as well as a piece of cardboard inside the frame will help absorb shock and minimize the risk of breaking.
  15. Contact Mesa Moving and Storage: We are to Here to Help with your next move; customizing services by offering as little or as much assistance as you need.