Address Change Notifications

Mesa Residential_Moving_New_AddressBesides your Mom and Dad, family and friends, when you move, there are several entities that need to be notified of your address change. Granted, it’s for different reasons, but never the less, it’s important that you share your new address information. In the middle of boxes, moving trucks, and new jobs, it can be easy to overlook the need to update your new home address information. As excited as you are about your new house or apartment, don’t forget to share your address information with important organizations.

Don’t worry–Mesa Moving & Storage is here to help with this aspect of your move too! Listed below are 10 established institutions that need to be keep apprised of your new home address. It will make the residential moving settling-in process easier.


The United States Post Office is top on the list for changing your address. Most mail that is handled by USPS can then be forwarded to your new address. Just in case you forget to change you address on a magazine subscription or forget to tell Aunt Margaret. You can update your address here.

2: IRS

Do yourself a favor for your taxes next year and change your address with both the Internal Revenue Service and your State Tax agency. You can fill out a tax address change form here.

3: Social Security

If you’re on Social Security, this is definitely one of your top addresses to change when moving so that you can continue to get your Social Security check. Call Social Security Administration at 1-800-772-1213 or visiting your local Social Security field office. 

4: Public Utilities

To ensure you don’t get charged for your old apartment’s electricity after you’ve moved out, notify all utility companies at your old address! Also contact all utilities for your new address and make use they are in your name on the day you begin to occupy the building. It’s no fun to arrive at your new place with no hot water or electricity.

5: Internet

Of all your addresses to change when moving, don’t forget your internet! Internet is such an easy commodity to take for granted, but in today’s world, it’s difficult to get through a single day without Wi-Fi. Plan ahead and don’t be without it.

6: Bank

Notify your bank when you will be moving. With online banking, it’s easy to forget this one, but remember that even online banking still requires a physical address. If you receive paper statements or new debit cards, you don’t want them mailed to the wrong house!

7: Insurance Companies

To ensure you are covered in your new community and have the support you need, notify insurance companies of your new address. Be sure to talk to your health insurance customer service in advance to make sure that if a medical need arises in your new home, you’ll be able to find in-network help quickly.

8: DMV

Remember to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of your new address. You’ll likely need to update your license plates records as well as your driver’s license, especially if you’ve moved to a new state.

9: Memberships

Gyms, country clubs, and other memberships are important addresses to change when moving. It may prevent you from incurring fees from memberships that you won’t be using anymore.

10: Physicians

Let your doctors and dentist know that you’re moving so that the bills can be appropriately forwarded to your new address.

In addition to these helpful moving tips, Mesa Moving & Storage offers a variety of moving services, such as household goods packing and furniture moving and storage help. For more ways to make your move easier, contact Mesa Moving & Storage today!

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