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Mesa_Moving_Tips10 Helpful Tips For a Smooth Move


Mesa Moving would like to share 10 helpful tips for a smooth move. Even if your move is weeks ahead, realization sets in that moving requires a lot of planning (and perhaps some anxiety), right? Well, let Mesa tee up some easy moving tips to help while preparing for this epic event in your life:

  1. What items are moving: Look around your residence and try to figure out what you want to keep, and what isn’t worth taking to your next destination…only you can determine what’s important and essential in your life, but remember – the more you take with you, the more room you’ll need to put everything at your new place!
  2. What items are not moving: If you think you’re going to dispose of a lot of things, do you have the lead-time before your move to have a garage sale (or list some items for sale online)?  Consider this one of the first “go do’s” if you want to downsize before moving!
  3. What is your budget: Determine what you can spend on your move…are you ready to take on the packing, loading, transport and unloading of your items in order to save money?  Or do you want to minimize your involvement (and physical energy!) in the process and hire a professional mover?
  4. DIY or Hire Mesa: If you go the DIY route, you’ll need to determine some things in advance – like packing your own items. Check out Mesa’s helpful tips of what to ask yourself before you choose to DIY your own move.
  5. Key to Handling the Stress: Have you prepared your family for these upcoming changes?  Moving to a new state has proven to be one of the biggest stressors in our life – so make sure everyone involved in this relocation is at least aware of the impact it will have. Although some family members may be more excited than others about the upcoming move, at least keeping everyone in the ‘loop on this event will ensure the adjustments at destination will be smoother. Communication and family involvement is one of the keys to handling the emotional roller-coaster moving can generate.
  6. Moving with Children:  Sometimes a relocation can cause incredible anxiety in a young person’s life – so make sure you monitor their behavior closely as you get ready for the move.  Check out Mesa’s helpful tips for Moving with Children to learn more…
  7. Moving with Pets: Don’t forget Fido!  A move isn’t just stressful for the humans involved, it can also bring lots of anxiety to dogs, cats and other domestic pets that are used to a familiar routine. Check out Mesa’s helpful tips on moving with your furry family members.
  8. Update your Address: Did you write down a list of all the entities you need to contact with your change of address information?  This is a little thing but it can make a BIG difference if your mail, banking, medical prescriptions, and other key “must have” contacts are not updated with the proper information! Don’t forget to update your driver’s license with your new address!  Mesa partners with a very helpful service called Updaterclick here to learn more about this time-saving option as you prepare for the big day!
  9. Packing 101: If you are DIYing your packing, it’s important to understand the basics to keep all your items in perfect condition as they travel on the moving truck. Check out Mesa’s helpful videos on packing specific items and rooms.
  10. Enjoy the Experience: And remember…try to have fun!  We know, we know – moving is anything but “fun”…right?  But keeping a positive, steady attitude will make something as important as a household relocation a lot easier…sometimes enjoying the journey itself is just as much fun as getting to the destination!

From your friends at Mesa Moving & Storage, best of luck in your new surroundings!

Susan Richards

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